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INOPHA GmbH is a producer and distributor of high-priced products. INOPHA takes advantage of the current price differential for pharmaceuticals in Europe with the approved import of innovative brand-name products from other European countries. We are thus not only able to offer customers high-quality pharmaceuticals at attractive prices, but also help reduce healthcare costs.

Imported pharmaceuticals

INOPHA GmbH distributes pharmaceuticals produced by renowned pharmaceutical concerns in the EU. We aim to offer you brand name pharmaceuticals from the EU as cheap as possible by exploiting the price differentials within the EU. The parallel import business takes advantage of the significant price differentials for pharmaceuticals in the individual countries. In Germany, parallel import pharmaceuticals not only have official status with regard to their licensing and distribution approval, but as a result of the health reform enacted in 2004 they also enjoy the special support of the health authorities. Pharmacies are obligated to ensure 5 % of their sales are parallel imports. Parallel import pharmaceuticals require official approval for distribution. This abridged approval for distribution is specific to parallel import pharmaceuticals. The proprietor is entitled to refer to the original producer’s licence.

What does this mean for me as a pharmacist?
INOPHA GmbH supplies you with a low-cost, identical preparation with its own German Pharmaceutical Central Number (PZN).

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